David Tvildiani Medical University is one and only leading non-government medical university in Republic of Georgia


Why Choose DTMU?

Premier Medical University in Republic of Georgia


Privileges for Excellent students

One year fee discount is available considering End-of-year Examination results.



  • Course: M.D (Medical Doctor)
  • Specialty: General Medicine.
  • Course period: 6 years (12 semesters)
  • Basic Medical Sciences: 2.5 years
  • Clinical Sciences: 2.5 years Internship: 1 year
  • Study amount in credit points: 360 ECTS.
  • Study type: Full-time studies
  • Teaching language: English
  • DTMU Tuition fee: USD 4000 / year.(2,15,000Rs)


  • To make the awareness of the international opportunities and services available to people in INDIA.
  • To guide students to get a high-quality medical education with affordable fee structure.
  • To promote students to interact with international environment.
  • Explaining with data why Republic of Georgia has become the best destination for higher studies after USA, UK and Australia.
  • Good hospitality and culture
  • Beautiful atmosphere
  • Clean lifestyle
  • Crime-free life
  • Affordability compared to USA, travel convenience for parents, etc.
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